Tailored Systems

We undertake the design of custom solutions based on the criteria and requirements from the customer.  Years of knowledge and experience with system integration allows us to examine and research all options (as well as suggested possibilities from the customer).  We outline the pros and cons, and we comment on what we recommend and why.  We educate our clients about the technology so they can make informed decisions.  Once a direction is agreed on, we do the detailed design and drawings, relevant tests in-office and on-site, oversee and inspect the required provisions and manage the trades.

Trades Management and Project Liaison

We oversee and inspect the required provisions and manage the relevant trades including builders, plumbers and electricians.  Wires are rarely labelled correctly or even at all which becomes a costly, time-consuming process.  We ensure all wires are run to the desired locations, are identified and labelled accordingly.  By inspecting the provisions and termination points, we are able to catch missing wiring, or incorrectly positioned boxes at an early stage.  Issues discovered get reported and problems get resolved.

Cabling  Architecture

A successful project is one that is planned properly. Typical electrical engineering consultants do not have the deep systems knowledge for planning the electrical provisions of an integrated building,  Few know how to interface the systems that are needed and even fewer know what and where to run provisions.  For this reason we make Engineering Drawings of required cabling and systems placement.  If the necessary cabling is not in place at early stages of construction, it can be costly to achieve later.

Site Inspections and Evaluations

Smart systems are not limited to new builds!  For retro-fit customers we can perform all the necessary inspections and advise for how and where and why to install automation, surveillance, door entry, telephony, audio/video, network, security.  Some can be achieved wireless, others will need some discreet or hidden custom cabling.  We will recommend the least obtrusive and most cost-efficient approach yet we will not compromise reliability.

Support and Maintenance

After the system is tested, commissioned and submitted, we offer full and prompt support. Our clients are happy with us not only because we respond fast and solve their problems, but because sometimes they need support for their existing systems, that for whatever reason they cannot get from the original installer.  Our ability to quickly learn and adapt to these unknown systems, and our drive to help is why our clients prefer us.  We are a result-based company, keeping always the customer’s best interests at hand.