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Fever Detection with Thermal Camera

Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_without_Overlay Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_with_Overlay

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We Broaden Your Horizon. Detect Hazards Early And Avoid Their Consequences.

The MOBOTIX Dual Lens Thermal System Expands Vision And Can Prevent Worse

MOBOTIX combine an IP surveillance camera and thermal camera in one housing and so expand the range of applications many times over.

  1. You can identify potential hazards in total darkness and act accordingly.
  2. You protect personal privacy because although a person is detected as a heat source in a thermal image, they cannot be individually recognized.
  3. Based on a steady increase in heat, you can to detect emerging sources of fire in long before a fire breaks out.
  4. If a machine or storage tank overheats, our camera will detect this and alert you.
  5. It is much easier to locate hot spots.
  6. An alarm can be triggered as soon as the temperature moves out of a predetermined measuring range.
Thermal Fever Camera Additional Benefits

The dual thermal camera from MOBOTIX is a useful addition to your IP video surveillance. It makes it possible to detect movements in total darkness. It optimizes your fire prevention and can alert you early on. It can monitor machines and storage facilities and report any overheating. The camera can also be used in quality assurance.

Detect Thermal Movement in Complete Darkness

The standard MxActivitySensor also detects movements in total darkness. This eliminates the electricity and installation costs associated with the illumination of the entire company premises. Our cameras are also used in quality assurance.

Made in Germany

MOBOTIX Have Been Developing Cutting-Edge Technologies In The Area Of IP Surveillance Since 1999. We Have Invented And Continuously Improved Many Innovations. The Functionality Of Our Dual Thermal Camera Is Unique!

See the invisible, Fever Detection with Thermal Radiometry Camera

Protect your space from fevers with Decentralized Thermal Radiometry Cameras, Made in Germany, Filter images based on high temperature and generate alarms. Perhaps it is safer if people with temperatures are not permitted to enter without further tests. Get Pricing on Fever Detection Thermal Cameras

Fever Screening with Thermal Camera

Screen humans that have fever or elevated temperature. Thermographic Camera.

About Our Thermal Radiometry Camera

Made in Germany Mobotix Decentralized IP Security Vision Camera, combined with FLIR thermal imaging sensor - to provide the best solution and result for decentralized thermal screening detection alarm system. Producing since 2002. Over 18 years of experience.

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Fever Detection with Thermal Radiometry Camera

Detect people with high temperature or fever. Thermal Radiometry.

Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_decentralized_models Thermal_Radiometry_Overlay_Detection_Alarm_Industrial_Temperature

Thermographic Camera

Thermal Camera Designed and Built for Temperature Measurement! There are many applications for thermal cameras, not all of them are for temperature measurement. Manufacturers produce thermal cameras in many forms and many models for all sorts of purposes. Be sure that you are getting a thermal camera that was designed and built for temperature measurement, which is intended for use in fever detection.

  • Maximum image information (due to 50 mK thermal and optional 6MP optical sensor)
  • Video and thermal cameras combine their recordings to from a thermal overlay overall image
  • Precise detection of an event in total darkness
  • Detection of a fire source before a fire breaks out
  • Protection of privacy
  • Monitoring of machines and storage facilities
  • Thermal detection over a distance of several hundred meters (perimeter protection)
  • Precise Temperature Measurement (when using a black body radiator)

We Broaden Your Horizon. Detect Hazards Earlier And Avoid Their Consequences.

Thermal Radiometry Decentralized Camera

Decentralized Thermal Camera with On Board Analytics and Processing that can alarm in the event of temperature differences, temperature limits reached, fever detection, fluid leaks, faulty hardware, etc. Wide Range -40C to 550C degrees with 50mK resolution.

Applications for Thermal Cameras

Temperature Cameras have countless applications. From Fever Detection to Industrial Automation Control with Thermal Radiometry.

Decentralized Thermal

Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_decentralized Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_decentralized_dual_Mobotix_S16_PT

Thermal Overlay Technology

Overlay only the useful portion of the thermal camera sensor... onto the optical image.

Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_without_Overlay Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_with_Overlay

Looking to buy a thermal camera for fever detection? Be careful!

The decentralized thermal radiometry camera security vision solution is to be used for fever detection and screening. Be careful, this does not detect if a person is carrying a virus (eg Coronavirus COVID-19). To test something like that requires a medical process. A person carrying an infection may not have fever symptoms right away, or even at all. Also a human with a fever might have a high temperature for other reasons. The thermal temperature measurement camera is there to reduce the risk to the property, its employee's and the customers and should be used for screening fever detection purposes.

Beware of low price thermal cameras

Not only is high-resolution decentralized, NVR built-in, SD card built-in, Made in Germany, important, but also the image resolution, the temperature resolution, and the temperature range, among many other factors. Be careful!

Thermal Camera Resolution 100mK VS 50mK

Notice the level of detail in the 50mK compared to the 100mK resolution. Where are the trees, the hills, the people? These details are not detected by the 100mK!


Thermal Camera Colours

Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_rainbow Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_greyscale Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_Ironbow Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_grayscale_inverted Thermal_Radiometry_Camera_Fever_Detection_Alarm_amber