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Smart Home Automation DoorStation with Access Control

Door stations with integrated cameras have been around for years. They are almost always based on analog CCTV technology that is over 60 years old and, because of the system involved, can only deliver very low image quality. Such systems only enable limited two-way communication. The new IP Video Door Station for Smart Home Automation offers a modern, powerful solution that is easy to install and that has never been available to the market until now.

Smart Home IP DoorStation Security Camera with Door Entry and Access Control

Tailored Mounting Solutions with customizable Bell buttons RFID

Two-way video around the world, All around view with no blind spots, Recording with sound, Keyless access, Integrated message function Very simple installation, 360° Hemispheric Technology for wall-to-wall surveillance without any blind spots.

Push Notification of Door Bell Ringing

Never miss a delivery again! With so many options to answer the door bell, it cant be missed. Push Notification to smart phone/tablet. Unlimited Indoor Touch Screen Display Units. IP audio phones and IP video phones from any manufacturer thanks to the SIP standard protocol.

Smart Home IP DoorStation Security Camera with Door Entry and Access Control Indoor Units Options.

Door Station without Blind Spots

With 360 degree fish-eye lens. Know who is hiding round the corner. Or if there is a bag/box on the floor. Conventional door stations typically have a very narrow viewing angle, and usually the person is standing in front of the door, not the door station. So even single that person can not be seen! You must not have blind spots for door entry.

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