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Smart Home Security Alarm Integration

A burglar/intruder security alarm system is a set of permanently monitored closed loop interconnected sensors and devices that are dedicated to protect a space, usually a home or building, against unauthorized access and to notify the user and/or the monitoring station/center and/or security response team/police of any violation of the protected zones. In addition to the sensor that the detectors are intended for (ie PIR motion sensor, window opening detector, sounder, etc), they should also each be fitted with tamper/sabotage sensors to prevent anyone from messing with them. Proper alarm systems are always fitted with backup battery power supply, including dedicated battery in the outdoor siren/sounders. In addition to connection with regular PSTN analog phone line, alarms are also connected with backup GSM mobile network lines. This way alarms are protected against power failures, phone line failures or sabotage. Professional alarm systems can also be integrated with Security Cameras as well as Smart Home Automation, triggering recordings, panic lighting, opening the blinds to scare away intruders, and much more.

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