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SNMP network monitoring Service

Dont know if your systems are up or down? And when they went down? If your CPU processors are continuously running high? If your Hard Disk Drives are constantly HOT? If your cameras are recording? And how far back are they holding? If your VPNs are connected? If your internet service is working? If your WiFi is problematic? Get SNMP monitoring with logs and alarm notifications from MeshMade.

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Storage HDD 1
  • Ethernet

Be ProActive with Preventative Maintenance with Network Monitoring SNMP

The potential issues of high importance and are very urgent and/or mission critical can be detected, dealt with, and avoided before they become a problem, increasing productivity and up time.

SNMP monitoring of a Samba SMB File Share Server

The CPU is running normal, the RAM is at reasonable levels but the temperature of the Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) is running very high and the available Storage Space is Low - Alarm Notification to Admins.

  • 24%


    SNMP Monitor of CPU is normal.
  • 63%


    SNMP monitoring of RAM is normal.
  • 90C


    SNMP alarm notification, Temperature is high.
  • 82%

    Storage Space

    SNMP warning alert, Available Storage Space is low.

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