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Smart Home Door Entry Access Control

We can control electric locks with the smart home automation system. Whether they are Electric Strike Locks, Motorized Locks, Magnetic Locks, Garage Doors, Pedestrian Swing Gates, Car Rolling Gates, the smart home automation can integrate with them. Controlling door entry from the smart home automation not enough? You can take it further by adding Door Station and Access Control Systems. The Door Station will allow you to be notified if someone is ringing at your door (with additional PUSH notification). Allows for 360 degree view with no blind spots, 2-way audio and video communication using the SIP standard protocol, and decentralized on-board recording failover storage as a security camera. Access Control gives the ability to the user to open the door from the outside from a keypad or RFID reader using their PIN number of key card/FOB. All three systems can be integrated together to work as one, by MeshMade. Integrate Thermal Fever Detection Screening to control the Access to the Door. Screen visitors for fever and if high temperature is detected, automatically prevent entry.

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