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Smart Home Multi-Room Multi-Source Distributed Audio & Video

Multi-room audio/video distribution enables your audio and video to be sent throughout your smart home without electronic components scattered throughout the house, multiple remotes , and wires hanging everywhere. It is a seamless way watch whatever you want, wherever you want, in the comfort of your own home, while removing the equipment clutter from the TV.

Upgrade your speakers

Improve the audio quality and control of any room in your home. Using modern components and acoustic back boxes, in-wall and flush-mount ceiling speakers. These get not only increased sound quality, but are more discreet and visually appealing.

Add speakers that are fitted into your walls, making them not only invisible but increasing bass in the space.

Expand your system with Bluetooth antenna to allow connecting your mobile device, smart phone/tablet and add Bluetooth receivers to your favourite zones.

Unite all your video and audio sources

Watch the same device on every TV, a different device on each TV, or any combination in between. Add all your HDMI entertainment devices Apple TV, Blu-ray, set top box, satellite box, Ariel Antenna, Internet radio, Apple iTunes, File Share SMB Samba, to a local file server (computer) or network storage device (NAS), integrate your existing music library and mp3 collection, movies and home videos, TVs, CD player, DVD player, your old record player,. Add streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, Rhapsody, TuneIn, vTuner, DLNA and Apple Airplay, and TIDAL. Add Netflix and Amazon Prime. Use the app to connect any audio or video source of your choice and stream audio to your speakers and video to your TV's. Make all of these sources available throughout your smart house without all that equipment to be installed in each and every room, all you need is the TV and remote.

Distributed Audio/Video

With a smart house video distribution system, you can enjoy all of the video content you love no matter where you are in your home. We provide multi-room audio/video packages that deliver crystal-clear sound and picture quality throughout your home. From any mobile device, you can easily control the sound in your whole home or just the room you’re in. Entertainment in your home should be an enjoyable experience, for you and your guests. Whether it be a favourite song, playlist, movie, or TV show with simple control. Create a system that works seamlessly and is easy for the entire family to use.

Smart Audio/Video

Without Multi-Room/Multi-Source Audio Video Multimedia system, you have to go to a certain room in your house to watch a specific source, or to use specific player equipment. Now you can listen to music throughout your home and you can centralize your video sources as well.

  • Watch TV from any source in any and every room in your smart house.
  • Unbelievable flexibility, pause a movie on one TV, and resume it on another.

Distributed video systems allow you to place your cable and satellite boxes and other sources in one place keeping your home free of clutter, giving you amazing control over all your entertainment sources everywhere in your smart home.

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