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Work from Home!

March 20, 2020 by Admin

Reduce downtime and Increase productivity with Cloud based phone systems with free webmeeting functionality. Make presentations from your PC, share your screen, use your browser as a phone, or use your smart phone or tablet! No need to install hardware if your don't need it.

VPN access to your work network. Get access to file servers, NAS, printers, work stations, phone systems, and all network devices. Work as if you are there! Call us now at +357 7000 6374.

smart_home_web meeting_IP_Phone_PBX_System_remote_workforce

Unite your workforce with an IP Phone System PBX. Both local and on-site machines available as well as cloud service. It's up to you. Remote phones. Either hardware phones (that can be delivered directly to your door), or soft phones - free App from Apple and from Google Play. Conferencing and live Webmeeting. This is great for displaying files and documents on your PC or phone while having a discussion either from the phone or browser. Available to connect for your employees or your customer or even as web chat for your website. The chat can be escalated into a free call if desired.

Call us now from anywhere in Cyprus at 7000 6374. Or chat with us on our website, with free call via your browser. Ask about our free trial

Thermal Fever Detection

March 14, 2020 by Admin

Protect your space from temperatures and fevers with Decentralized Thermal Radiometry Cameras, Made in Germany, Filter images based on high temperature and generate alarms. Perhaps it is safer if people with temperatures are not permitted to enter without further tests.

Have an event? We can provide a system that will detect people with high temperature. An alarm will be triggered and access can be denied. Read more about Thermal Cameras

Smart Home Cyprus Decentralized Automation for Retrofit Solutions with field installation components

March 14, 2020 by Admin

No need to cut channels in the walls or in the floors for a smart home in Cyprus or abroad. The parts can be installed behind the switch and be controlled by existing wired switches, new switches without wires and without batteries, bus switches, over Bluetooth with the free app for smart phones and tablets and over wireless WiFi. In addition, the smart home can be controlled DIRECTLY with Apple home kit and Siri. With a firmware upgrade that is coming soon control as well with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. Get new features with firmware upgrades making your system more future proof. Free Quote

Fever Detection, Thermal Radiometry

March 11, 2020 by Admin

Protect your space from fevers with Decentralized Thermal Radiometry Cameras, Made in Germany, Filter images based on high temperature and generate alarms. Perhaps it is safer if people with temperatures are not permitted to enter without further tests. Get Pricing on Fever Detection Thermal Cameras

Smart Home, Overnight

March 03, 2020 by Admin

With Made in Germany, Decentralized smart home automation parts, can retro-fit into your existing electrical installation, using your existing switches and infrastructure, without panel/cabinet space or provisions required, and without additional MCB/RCD/RCBO protection circuit breakers. The parts are fitted into your existing switch box, integrate with your existing switch, and can control the lights, dimmers, automated the shading roller blinds and motorized curtain shading, control the door and doorbell, with optional doorstation, integrated decentralized logic programmed directly into the parts themselves, that can also be firmware upgraded. All controllable directly from your Smartphone (when in range of any of the parts using the smart MESH) , without the need for any additional server gateway computer. Free Trial

Interchangeable Frames

March 03, 2020 by Admin

All of our switches, and sockets, and faceplates, and sensors can be interchanged with other colours. The frames can also be interchanged. We use smart home standards. See all of our inputs

Smart Home IP Cameras

March 03, 2020 by Admin

On board analytics processing, detection, activity sensor and failover recording. Decentralized Smart Home IP Cameras.Read More

Activity Sensor Smart Camera Analytics

March 03, 2020 by Admin

Reduce False alarms from cats and dogs, differentiate Security Camera Alarms based on size of objects in 3D. Read More

March 03, 2020 by Admin

Turn on the Air Condition or Heating and Hot Water from my phone before going home. When I get home, the ambient lighting turns on automatically in the common areas. Motion Detectors in the non-common areas, and Master Off at the door. Truly Responsive Experience."

Private Home Owner, Nicosia, Cyprus
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