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Smart Home Security CCTV IP Camera Integration

The De-Centralized CCTV processes the high-res images internally in the camera and can even hold the recordings on the built-in SD card as either a primary or failover storage media. The cameras consume only 3-5 Watts of power. Traditional cameras consume 5 times that and in addition require a power hungry DVR/NVR computer to process the images Without it they are just web-cams! Their extreme efficiency and robust, reliable build, and no moving parts, makes them long lasting both as a camera, and as a system. Two-Way audio communication can be achieved as most cameras have built-in microphone and speakers and all our cameras can be used as SIP phones. Alarm notification functionality is possible thanks to the built-in processor that can be programmed as needed. Instant Push Notification of the event to smart Phone, or snapshots to email, video to ftp, sound and flash lights on a 3rd party sounder can all be achieved with a single Decentralized IP Camera. Detect people with high temperature or perform a fever screening using a Thermal Radiometry Camera.

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